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Hi, my name is Barry and I love haulage. Just to be absolutely clear, I am not a haulage professional and this blog is in no way affiliated with any particular haulage company. When it comes to haulage, I would most definitely, 100 percent, describe myself a hobbyist or an enthusiast. I love to stand by the M6 motorway in Preston and watch the big trucks drive up and down. I often daydream about where they are going and where they are coming from. I once had to move my dead mother's belongings from Scotland down to Preston. My brother helped me find the perfect haulage company. During the process, I learnt a lot more about the haulage business which I would like to share with you on my blog.



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I Love Haulage, (But it is Only my Hobby)

What kind of private jet should you hire?

by Walter Kennedy

It is a well-known fact that air travel is both the safest and fastest means of travel in the world right now. Many people prefer using aeroplanes when they have to make long journeys, especially from one country or continent to another. However, some individuals prefer using private jets as opposed to commercial airliners to make such travels.

Owning or leasing a private jet is synonymous with luxury and affluence, and some affluent individuals own several private planes as a sign of wealth. On the other hand, when it comes to hiring a private jet, there are different categories of jets, which are categorised by their size, amenities and range. It is important to note that you can save a lot of money by hiring a private jet together with your friends, as hiring a private jet is rather expensive. The following are some of the private jets that you can hire.

Light Jets

Light jets are the most frequently used type of jets, especially by business people. Most of the business individuals need to make two to three hour travels to their next meeting, and light jets offer the best and fastest means of getting there. They are cost effective and offer comfortable flights. This type of jet can carry a maximum of eight passengers and may contain a lavatory in it. However, they do not have flight attendants on board to take care of the passenger's needs.

Very Light Jets

Very light jets are also known as VLJs. These jets are a new category in the private jet industry as they offer a perfect substitute for turboprop and executive airlines for people who want to make a short trip and are on a tight budget. This type of private jet is popular as it requires a short runway to take off and land as well as having a lower maintenance cost compared to other types of private jets. Unfortunately, most of them may not have a lavatory or a flight attendant to cater to your needs during the flight.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are designed to cover long distances while offering a sense of luxury to their passengers. However, they do not to enter the executive airliner category. Heavy jets have enough baggage storage space, flat beds, lavatories and bathrooms and several flight attendants.

Executive Airliners

Just as the name depicts, executive airliners offer the highest levels of luxury a jet can provide. These airliners are used by executives and VIPs, who require the highest luxury levels possible as they make their travels. These airliners contain private suites, fully equipped and customised bedrooms, dining areas, conference and business centres and even a fully equipped gym. The executive airliner also offers high levels of privacy, something VIPs and business executives require as they make their travels. The airline has many flight attendants to make sure the all the passengers are well catered for.

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